Slurry Sealing / Micro Surfacing / Chip Sealing

Costs Less - More Effective

With the rising cost of materials and limited funding, Micro-Surfacing and Slurry Seal cover more miles of roads with less money and provides the best surface quality.

Safer - Better Service

Micro-Surfacing and Slurry Seal provide superior wet pavement friction and better traction in freezing conditions. The effective macro texture improves tire contact with the pavement surface in wet conditions and retains road salts longer for better ice control.

Less Delays - Improved Use of Resources

Surface sealing with Micro-Surfacing and Slurry Seal effectively reduces pavement deterioration and the formation of cracks and potholes. The resulting higher quality pavement provides less exposure of workers to the hazards of traffic, improved safety, more effective use of man-hours and better use of existing funding. Higher quality streets and roadways also mean fewer traffic delays and road closures that frustrate residents, taxpayers and the traveling public.

Smoother - More Desirable

Utilizing Slurry Systems as surface treatments on pavements in far too good condition keeps them smooth, safe, and maintenance free. Superior performance of Micro-Surfacing and Slurry Seal provides pavements that not only look good but last longer!

Slurry sealing Slurry sealing Slurry sealing Slurry sealing
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